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Fixed brace

153542928Brushing your teeth will take much longer when you have a fixed appliance, as it is more difficult to clean around the brackets. We recommend a number of different techniques and shaped brushes to make it easier. Braces should be cleaned three times a day, after each meal. If this is not possible at lunchtime, then rinse with water and clean your teeth as soon as you can.

Using an orthodontic tooth brush place the grooves over the bracket and brush back and forth, then brush above the bracket (upper teeth) and below the bracket (lower teeth) at gum level, to ensure the gum remains pink and healthy. After the outer tooth surface has been cleaned continue as normal with the inner surfaces and biting surfaces of all the teeth.

Using a small interdental brush or Tepe brush, carefully pass under the wire, against the tooth to remove any trapped debris. This should be repeated between every tooth on the upper and lower arch. You will not be able to use conventional floss with fixed braces; however you can use super floss.

Disclosing tablets will help to show you the areas you are missing when brushing. Brush your teeth first then crunch a disclosing tablet between your back teeth, swish the dye around your mouth and spit out. The dye will stain the plaque and any bits you have missed red, so you can go back to the bathroom and brush your teeth again.

A fluoride mouth rinse should be used last thing at night, to help strengthen the teeth and protect them against decay.

How to clean your teeth with fixed braces

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