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Orthodontic problems

ortho-problemsFig. 1 Crowded or spaced teeth
A narrow jaw may mean there is insufficient room for the teeth in your mouth, resulting in crowding. Conversely some patients have significant gaps between their teeth.

Fig.2 Protruding Upper Teeth
Excessive protrusion of the upper front teeth is one of the most common orthodontic problems, often caused by thumb sucking or the result of a small lower jaw.

Fig. 3 Deep bite
Your upper teeth may cover the lower teeth too much, so that the lower teeth are barely visible when you bite together.

Fig. 4 Reverse bite
ortho-problems2When your upper teeth bite inside the arch of the lower teeth.

Fig. 5 Open bite
Your front teeth remain open as your back teeth meet, so the tongue is visible between the upper and lower teeth.

Fig. 6 Upper and lower centre lines not aligned
The centre lines in the upper and lower teeth do not meet, this mismatch is often caused by drifting of teeth or a shift of the lower jaw, resulting in an improper bite.

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