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Private or NHS

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At Cygnet Orthodontics we believe in the highest standard of care for all our patients whether private or NHS.

NHS treatment

NHS treatment is available to patients under the age of 18 at the time treatment starts. Having been referred to us by a general dentist practitioner, patients must first qualify for treatment under the NHS assessment criteria called the IOTN. Appointment times are offered between 9.30am and 3.00pm and we use metal braces.

Unfortunately due to the constraints on the NHS funding there is a treatment waiting list for NHS patients.

Private treatment


For new private patients (adults and children), we currently offer two different types of consultation:

Option 1 = FREE 30 minute consultation with our Treatment Coordinator >>

A free 30 minute non-clinical consultation with our Treatment Coordinator (usually on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday) where we will take photographs of the teeth, medical history, show you the practice, show you the different types of treatments/appliances that we offer and prices and payment plans for each, answer any general queries potential patients may have with regards to braces and orthodontic treatment.

(For those patients that want more information about orthodontic treatment and our practice however do not want to commit to a full consultation straight away. After having a free consultation if you are interested in treatment at our practice then you will need to revisit us for a full £100 clinical consultation with one of our Specialists)

Option 2 = Full 40 minute consultation with a Specialist Orthodontist £100 >>

A full 40 minute consultation with a Specialist Orthodontist costing £100 (£50 deposit is taken when making the appointment) where we will take clinical photographs of the teeth, medical history, an X-Ray, show you the different types of treatments/appliances that will be suitable for you personally. You will receive a personalised quote letter detailing all suitable treatment options for you and an exact quote for each treatment type.

(For those patients seeking a clinical examination of their teeth by a Specialist Orthodontist for their individual orthodontic needs)


Independent Patients – under 18 years old

Children and teenagers can see the Orthodontist sooner as an ‘Independent Patient’, and not need to wait on the NHS waiting list. There are several benefits for choosing this private patient plan option:

  • There is no waiting list and you have more flexibility for booking appointment times.
  • Independent Patients are seen between 9.00am and 4.00pm on weekdays. You can book one appointment ahead, therefore, giving more availability to book around holidays and school timetable.
  • We allow more surgery consultation time with your specialist Orthodontist to discuss the treatment we are able to offer to address the concerns you have.
  • We can offer immediate treatment to correct conditions not available on the NHS including digit habit, crooked teeth and other milder problems. The NHS has no treatment exceptions for those patients suffering psychological effects such as bullying or serious concerns about their appearance. We can address these concerns through earlier treatment.

In general, we use high quality metal braces for our Independent Patients which may have coloured elastics if required. A clear ceramic brace options can be added with an additional fee upgrade according to the types of brackets used.

Private Patients – adults and children

For all our Private Patients there is the ability to come to visit the practice at any time we open. You can book multiple appointments ahead, subject to appointment availability, and have the choice of all the braces that we offer in the practice e.g. clear braces, invisible clear aligners for example Invisalign, or invisible braces on the inside of the teeth such as Incognito.

This service is seen as the premier service and the benefits are reflected in the investment for the treatment.


Payment for your treatment plan both as an ‘Independent’ or ‘Private’ Patient, can be made with a 20% deposit which is payable at the start of treatment with the remainder paid by interest free monthly standing orders over the treatment time.

Alternatively the full fee for your treatment can be paid up front, minus an administration fee for standing order payments.

We accept all major debit cards e.g. Master Card and Visa, but not American Express.


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