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The practice always has a warm welcoming atmosphere and no one is left hanging around unattended.

I was initially nervous as I thought I was too old to have braces but Trevor went through all the treatment and answered all my questions. Trevor were also very clear that I could ask as many questions as I needed to, and at no point was I pressured to proceed.

Although I found the braces uncomfortable, especially when they were tightened, the end result is definitely worthwhile. I was self-conscious and took time to realise how curious people were about my reasons for having them. Learning to talk without spitting saliva at people was a task in itself!

The main difficulty was finding food that I could eat as initially I lost weight. It was definitely trial and error which is fine when someone else does the shopping and cooking but I find it very time consuming to work out what I could and couldn’t eat whilst keeping within a family budget.

However, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages and I am so pleased with the end result. It was worth all the jokes, teasing etc. and despite it being an expensive treatment; it was an investment which I do not regret.

Many thanks

Following the removal of my braces today, I just wanted to say a big thank you for correcting my teeth – I’m really pleased with them, they look so different from when I started the treatment, just two years ago – I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. The only annoying thing is that my mum keeps getting me to smile!

The whole process of having my teeth straightened has been very straightforward. Everyone at Cygnet has been very honest throughout the two years, managing my expectations all the time. I had to have four teeth removed before the braces were fitted (two the first week and then two the following week) and although I was pretty scared the first time, it wasn’t painful at all, so the second week I wasn’t concerned at all. Likewise, the advice I was given to minimise the discomfort when the fixed braces were first fitted, meant that I had very little pain, even during that first week. I very quickly got used to having the braces on and although cleaning them is a little trickier, I took the advice given to me and so when they were removed today, all my teeth were stain-free.

I can’t wait to go back to school next week and see what my friends say. Several of my friends have also had braces and lots are still wearing them, so I’m sure they will be really excited to see the end result. It’s such a normal thing to have done and so much easier to wear braces when everyone else is wearing them, rather than waiting until you are an adult.

Thank you again, Nichola, and I promise I will listen to your instructions about wearing the retainer when I come in next week.

I was unhappy with the alignment of my teeth and had been thinking about having a brace for a while. At the time, I was 38 and I was anxious about having a visible brace and feeling self-conscious (particularly at work). However, having completed the orthodontic treatment, I am delighted with the results and am so glad that I had it done. I got used to the brace very quickly and I needn’t have worried about feeling self-conscious. The practice was very friendly and accommodating and I used to enjoy my visits very much. I was particularly grateful for the time taken to explain how my teeth were progressing and for the patience with any questions I had during my treatment. Although I had a brace for cosmetic reasons, one added bonus (which was worth it in itself) is how comfortable my mouth/bite is now that I have completed treatment.

It was certainly worth the investment of time and money and I would highly recommend having treatment at Cygnet Orthodontics.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and everyone at Cygnet Orthodontics who helped to make my treatment a pleasant experience. I was particularly impressed with my initial consultation when everything was explained to me and I felt confident that the result I was looking for could be achieved. I had great customer service throughout and was always greeted with a warm smile.

Being a more mature patient than one would normally see in an orthodontic surgery, I didn’t enter the treatment expecting miracles, as I had previous dental treatment with bridges and crowns that needed to be preserved. However, I am more than happy with the results which exceeding my expectations. For anyone considering Cygnet’s services I would advise them to have a realistic idea of what to expect from their treatment and to help themselves to get the best results by following any advice given!

I found the clear retainer for my top teeth and brace behind my bottom teeth easy to live with and maintain and I only needed to wear them for a year. I believe I made a good investment in both time and money and would highly recommend Cygnet.

Before I got my braces I was so self-conscious of my teeth.

When I got my braces I had just started year 8.

At first they hurt and felt massive in my mouth!

However, although I felt they stuck out immensely, only a few people noticed I had braces on the first day. Overtime the others noticed too but by then so many people had them it was normal!

It was easy to avoid certain foods and extremely easy to clean. Before I knew it I was in the orthodontist, watching Gangnam Style (the latest craze) and getting my braces removed!

It only took 2 minutes, was painless and now my teeth are perfectly straight!

I went to school thinking no one would notice, how wrong I was!

I am so proud of my teeth now.

Thank you so much!

…I wasn’t very happy with the appearance of my teeth and felt a bit self-conscious and knew that if I wanted to improve my smile, I would have to have braces fitted.

I had Gemini Fixed Train Track Brackets attached to my teeth and the process was painless and done very quickly. Nichola and all the team at Cygnet were great every time I had an appointment, really happy, friendly and chatty, always made me feel very comfortable and offered good advice if I needed it.

Braces were a great investment for me and were definitely worth it. I’m really, really happy with the results and couldn’t have wished for my teeth to look any better. I’m so glad that I had them fitted, the time it took went so quickly and the results are brilliant…

Dear Trevor and Team
I have been extremely pleased with my treatment at Cygnet Orthodontics from start to finish. All of the staff are very helpful and friendly and the practice has a very welcoming feel.

Trevor Wynne-Hughes’ expertise is second to none and his cheerful and calming manner immediately puts patients at ease. He clearly explained the choice of treatment available to achieve my desired result in the shortest amount of time. This for me was incognito Lingual braces with the welcome benefit of being invisible from the outside. I immediately felt confident that I had made the right decision and after a little getting used initially they were easy to wear.

I have been delighted with the results achieved and only wish I had visited soon. Without question my treatment has definitely been a great investment and I would highly recommend the treatment at this practice.

Many Thanks and best wishes

Cygnet Orthodontics offered me a fantastic service achieving really pleasing results with my Teeth after having Braces.

I never had any concerns and was made to feel most comfortable throughout my time receiving the treatment. I would highly recommend anyone who requires the treatment to go through Cygnet as the overall experience is to a superb standard due to its customer care, atmosphere and quality of the treatment.

I would also advise anyone who is considering or interested in having this type of treatment to really go for it. It was something I was thinking about for a while as I wanted to straighten my teeth in order to improve my smile however I was a little nervous and worried about having them on at a slightly later age and being a student the expense of having this type of treatment. I was a little concerned how they may feel and more importantly look, but in hindsight it was more than worth it.

I opted for the clarity braces which I found comfortable and which are not very noticeable which was good. Having this treatment has made me feel much more confident when smiling and is now something I never have to think or worry about whereas before it would at times affect my confidence to smile quite a lot. I have been very impressed by the service of Cygnet, even after my teeth were straightened I still came back for check up’s every 3-6 months or so to make sure everything was in order and to see if I had any queries. In terms of money and time this was a fine investment and one of the best things I’ve ever done and have no regrets whatsoever.

I would like to thank Cygnet so much for the brilliant service and results I achieved from their work.

On a personal note Trevor thanks very much for making my experience so comfortable and achieving great results with my teeth. Nick

I decided to investigate the issue of braces after teeth that had been a little crooked for many years, suddenly seemed to take a turn and become very obviously out of line, so much so that I literally started to try and stop smiling. I became very self-conscious about the way my teeth looked.

I thought long and hard about the whole idea, not least because it’s no quick fix, so requires commitment to a process, and costs a bit too! I talked with people who had had braces in the past, so had some idea of how things would go. I paid in advance for all my treatment, which suited me fine and then got started. I had to have 2 teeth removed before the orthodontics could begin, and then had a full set of “heavy duty” braces applied.

This is where the commitment I referred to before comes in. You have to keep your teeth really clean and follow the instructions you are given thoroughly. As the teeth move, it hurts, so a good pain killer will help you sleep at night. I found I couldn’t bite hard, so didn’t eat crisps or apples for ages, but, on the plus side, I couldn’t bite my nails either, so it was the one thing that finally cured me of a lifelong habit of nail biting… worth it for that alone I reckon!

Cygnet Orthodontics was great all through and the staff were always helpful with any queries or concerns I had. Everyone from work colleagues to the butchers would talk to me about how it was going, braces are not easy to hide, but it was worth every minute and I’m really glad I did it.

And now? Well, I still wear my retainers regularly at night. After all the investment of time, money, expertise, cleaning, and everything else, it would be a shame to lose my fab new smile.

At the very outset let me express my complete satisfaction with the results achieved in the treatment. I found the customer service very friendly and accommodating.

My line of thought for people who are considering taking up your services is simply that one should come to you with full confidence in the professional ability and compassionate approach afforded each and every patient. At initial stage one may find a lengthy process and perhaps and little expensive. However a little patience and value for money soon supersedes those initial stage feelings.


I just wanted to say a big thank you for taking Amy’s brace off on Friday.

My job requires that I have to face members of the public on a daily basis. I had long been unhappy and self conscious about my teeth, particularly when smiling. As the teeth were healthy I had put off doing anything about them.

I am so happy about the results of my orthodontic work. When I first visited Cygnet I thought I might be able to do something about moving one of the top row teeth that stood out most. I had never expected to be able to re-align all the teeth bottom and top. The results have far exceeded my expectation. Two days after having my brace removed I was getting married. I can’t believe how much my teeth had stopped me from smiling properly for photos. Looking at my teeth now, I realise just how crooked they had been.

My wife and family have all commented how much more I smile since I have had my teeth straightened and I feel so much more confident now when dealing with members of the public face to face

Thanks Trevor and Cygnet

I really didn’t want braces at the age of 15, but I’m now so glad I did because I then had the perfect smile for my prom.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and your team for creating my amazing smile!! My wedding day was the best day ever, I am beaming with a huge smile in every single photo and I know that if I hadn’t had the treatment all of those smiles would have been with my lips firmly shut!

I can’t believe how quickly my teeth have been transformed… I wish I had had it done years ago. Thanks a million for my amazing smile!

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