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The practice is warm and welcoming. I was apprehensive about my age regarding starting treatment but all my questions were answered in detail.

I felt comfortable and I never felt I was pressurised into starting treatment.
I experienced some discomfort when the brace was fitted and adjusted but this was all worthwhile with the result I received.
I did feel self-conscious at the beginning but this soon disappeared as I saw the changes happen.
It was a difficult at first with working out what foods was best to eat with the braces on, I lost weight initially.
Soon I worked out the foods that suited me best and that I could incorporate into our family meals.
I see the straightening of my teeth as an investment for life and will never look back my smile is amazing and radiant.

I was not happy with my Smile, I was 38 years of age, I was worried about how it would feel and look, especially at work.

I have now completed my treatment and will never look back.
I got use to the brace after a week and enjoyed visiting the practice; the team are so friendly there.
I never hesitated with any questions throughout the treatment as I felt comfortable to ask.
I cannot tell you how it feels to bite properly and have such a broad amazing smile.
Highly recommend cygnet.

I had metal braces fitted top and bottom. I hated the appearance of my teeth.

The appointment was very quick and painless as they glued them onto my teeth.
The members of staff at Cygnet chat to you, making you feel so relaxed in the modern warm and friendly surgeries.
My teeth are perfect; I will never regret having treatment this perfect smile is staying with me forever as I will make sure of that with my retainers.

Dear Trevor and team
I cannot fault my treatment or staff at cygnet. It is such a friendly practice.
Trevor Wynne- Hughes expertise is second to none he has such a calming and relaxing manner.

The treatment was clearly explained giving myself several options.
I felt it was covered in detail in a short period of time and tailored to suit my needs.
I chose incognito lingual braces which are placed behind your teeth so invisible to the eye.
I got use to the brace very quickly and knew I had made the right decision from the start.
I wish I had made the decision sooner now as my smile is just perfection.
This was the best investment and I highly recommend cygnet.

I would advise anybody to just go for treatment and do not put it off or hesitate as the sooner you start the sooner you get to enjoy the great smile you will receive.

I was so pleased with Cygnet the service was fantastic with just amazing results and a very comfortable practice to attend regularly.
The customer care, quality of treatment and aftercare was faultless.
I had thought about it for a while being a student and slightly older than the average patient and the money it would cost me was all thoughts going through my head which was making me hesitate.
I really should not have worried about the look or how they felt as I adjusted to this in the first week.
Cygnet’s payment plan made it so affordable.
I opted for clarity which is brackets that are similar colour to your teeth making them less visible.
They were more comfortable than I thought.
I now smile with confidence and in terms of money I will never look back.
This is one of the best choices I have ever made. I would like to thank Cygnet.
On a personal note I would like to thank Trevor for making the experience of having my teeth straightened so comfortable and rewarding.
Many Thanks Nick

My teeth had suddenly become worse to an extent that I did not smile anymore. I looked into Braces. I knew it is not a quick fix so therefore it requires a lot of time money and commitment.

I had spoken to others that had treatment in the past so I had a general idea.
I paid up front for my treatment which suited me better.
I had two teeth taken out and braces fitted.
The commitment had started by following cleaning instructions to keep my teeth spotless and watching what I ate as I needed to avoid breakages by not eating harder food.
Once they were fitted you needed a painkiller and cannot bite into anything so soft food is required.
This was a plus side for me as it stopped me from biting my nails which was a bonus in itself.
I had everyone ask about my treatment from a work colleague to the local butcher.
The treatment went quite quickly and before I knew it they came off the result was breath taking thank you cygnet.
I wear my retainers after the commitment and money spent I would like to keep my fab smile.

I cannot express my satisfaction enough to cygnet the Customer service was so friendly and accommodating too. If you are considering of taking up cygnet’s services please be rest assured of the capability with regards to the professional ability and compassionate approach to each and every patient.

The initial stages you may think it is a lengthy process and perhaps a little expensive however a little patience and value for money soon supersedes those initial thoughts.

A big Thank you to cygnet for Amy’s Treatment what perfection.

I did not want braces at 15 years of age but now I have a perfect smile for my prom and for life.

My smile is amazing so straight; I would like to say a massive thank you to Cygnet.

My wedding day will never be forgotten and the photos show this I smiled non- stop. If I had not had treatment my lips would have been firmly shut.

My teeth have been transformed so quickly I wish I had done it years ago Thanks a million for my beaming smile.

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